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The most trusted and responsive team in claims administration is waiting to hear from you. To receive a no-obligation quote and learn how Atticus can help meet your notice requirements, submit your Quote Request now.

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From pre-class action certification mailings and settlement website design to hosting to a CLE course on the trends in notice campaigns, Atticus is a leading class action notice campaign and claims administrator.
Claims Processing
“Expert management of claims processing for both paper and online claims programs with real-time analytics and budget flexibility.”
Digital Notice Campaigns
“Using robust project and data management tools, Atticus provides customized settlement website design, reporting, and campaign tracking.”
Traditional Notice Campaigns
“From pre-class action certification mailings to traditional notice practices, Atticus yields outstanding results for every settlement action.”
Disbursement Tax Reporting
“Using secure procedures, Atticus efficiently manages settlement funds, facilitates the disbursement of funds to class members, and coordinates necessary tax reporting.”

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