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Internet and Electronic Notification Methods for Rule 23: How to Enhance Reach, Conversion, and Real Time Analytics to Reduce Administrative Costs

With the changing media landscape and the ongoing departure of readers from print to digital, the once black-and-white question of what constitutes the “best notice practicable under the circumstances” has become far less clear. In this White Paper, we discuss this shift to digital media, highlighting the benefits and limitations of increased digital notice through social media advertisement and designated class action notice sites to reach potential class members. Given the existence of non-internet users, class action notice standards require a balancing these new digital notification methods with the traditional notice methods, ensuring a just and fair outcome for all class members.

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Civil Rights Visibility: Navigating Class Action Settlements in Present Times

The times we live in today are different than those of our parents and what is considered normal and acceptable today are significantly different than they were in preceding times. Civil Rights cases represent one of the fastest growing practice areas for class action lawsuits and settlements. This White Paper highlights some of the the challenges administrators might encounter with Civil Rights settlement administration, and our observations and experiences in the practice area that have allowed us to be successfully.

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